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一旦你从分毕业, you may no longer be a student of the University, 但你永远是猎鹰, 和永远的家人.
校友 are the lifeline of the institution, ensuring its future through financial support, recruitment of the next generation of falcons and serving as brand ambassadors. 为此目的, the 校友事务处 serves to engage and build lifelong relationships with alumni, and works directly with the National 校友 Association to make sure those relationships thrive.



The Tarboro Road Community Center is sporting a new public artwork, “发现我是”,” a mural created by 推荐全球十大博彩公司排行榜 (分) class of 2016 alumna Cianna Jackson with a BA in Visual Arts concentrating on Graphic Design. “I’m very grateful to the Visual Arts Program, Ms. Dallas, and Deborah for this opportunity,” says Cianna. “I’m thrilled I could use the experience I gained at 分 in my community and showcase my talents.”


Josh大业, 2018届毕业生

Josh大业, 2018届运动科学专业毕业生, is proud to announce that he passed his national board exam to become a board-certified Occupational Therapist.


William (Bill) Brodie, a retired Florida A&M大学数学教授, is known in the Tallahassee community for his 27-year run as treasurer of the Tallahassee branch of the NAACP, and his incredible story of sharing a jail cell with civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr. in Atlanta after a peaceful protest in 1960.

Brodie was barred from a conference host hotel during segregation. 现在,他获得了荣誉.


Cadine Colliet, & 科琳·布拉姆韦尔,2016届毕业生

In 两个律师一个医生, Cadine布拉姆韦尔, the firstborn of triplets from Tivoli Gardens, one of Jamaica’s poverty-stricken and gun-ridden inner-city communities, shares how she and her sisters studied in the United States on scholarships and became two lawyers and a doctor.



It’s a milestone that Henderson mayor-elect 梅丽莎 Elliott described as “overwhelming.” 梅丽莎 Elliott is a class of 2011 alumna from the Gateway Program (Criminal Justice) who was elected as the first Black mayor of Henderson, 11月的NC.

在11月的选举中, Elliott beat opponent Greg Etheridge and officially 等hed her name in the city’s history books.

Elliott was sworn in as the city’s first Black mayor and the first woman to hold the position.




罗利 Regional Association of Realtors is a local association where 10,000多名房地产经纪人是会员, and recently completed their annual elections. Jay was elected to a two year term as Board of Director effective January 2024. Jay Sutton, a local Realtor with Sutton Realty Group, LLC in 罗利, NC. Jay Sutton is a class of 2000 graduate from the Political Science major.


Bahamas Prime Minister announced 分 class of 1983 alumna Cynthia “Mother” Pratt will serve as the Bahamas’ next governor-general. Her position will be effective September 1.



绅士,莎莉是. Black California 2023 she will represent the entire state of California, 争夺全国小姐的称号. Black USA on August 5th in Washington, DC that will stream live on Fox Soul.

然而, participating in the pageant requires significant financial resources, 包括差旅费, 衣柜, 训练, 以及其他相关成本. This is where I humbly request your support. I am reaching out to generous individuals and organizations like yours, who share a commitment to empowering women and promoting positive change.


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For each plate sold, $15 goes directly to the student leadership fund.



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